I would once again like to give a huge THANK YOU to all my family, friends and Jamberry Consultants from across North America, Australia and New Zealand for becoming Godmothers and contributing to the Cinderella Project! This was the second year Jamberry has contributed to the project, and it was a HUGE success! With your help we were able to provide over 300 Cinderellas with a stunning manicure and pedicure for their graduation ball, making their special day even more magical! For more information on this amazing event please visit http://cinderellaproject.ca

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your application, products or the company please do not hesitate to contact me at lmdyck@gmail.com

For product information including an APPLICATION VIDEO , or to browse and shop from the online catalog please visit lmdyck.jamberry.com. Also visit my Facebook page for fun information, contests, give aways, etc.



  • Rachel Prete
  • Kaelyn Lauren
  • Tanja Brownlee
  • Michelle Trach
  • Tina-Marie Yenna
  • Nikki Foster
  • Amanda Gretzen
  • Jennifer Hefford-Anderson
  • Emily Whaley
  • Desiree Krahn
  • Jennifer Cockle
  • Amanda Hartin
  • Jennifer Banasiewicz
  • Pam Roach
  • Katrina Hill
  • Natasha Kasianchuk
  • Summer Posadas
  • Jessica
  • Kathleen Engel
  • Isabel Valoria
  • Jaime Groeller
  • Kailey Morgan
  • Kristi Mack
  • Jennie Bolinger
  • Sara Skotarek
  • Angela Rea
  • Shirley Handel
  • Kaelyn Michayluk
  • Pat Monette
  • Erin Dodd
  • Ursula Dyck
  • Laverne Pruett
  • Janet Zachery
  • Judy Kowch
  • Shelley Cook
  • Sue Fredrickson
  • Lori Hansen
  • Shawna Watt
  • Allison Orpe

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